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      Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University gathers a large number of the world’s top plastic surgery professionals, and introduces the world’s cutting-edge plastic technology and first-rate service concept. It is the only plastic surgery hospital in China that has been certified by JCI. Besides, it strictly complies with the provisions of national health authorities and continuously introduces top plastic surgery experts from Europe and America, Japan and South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It has built the largest expert team composed of famous plastic surgery experts at home and abroad. Now, it boasts a group of world-renowned plastic surgery experts among whom there are John M. Anastasatos, plastic surgery expert serving Hollywood film stars, chairman Wu Guoping, Australian expert on cranio facial plastic and cranio facial surgery, Professor Kim Ju han and Dr. Park Sang Gun, famous plastic surgery masters from South Korea, Staphanie LAM, famous expert on plastic surgery facial rejuvenation and body firming from Hong Kong, Dr. Li Jiuheng, global chief technical adviser on Sunmax collagen and plastic master serving Chinese Hollywood film stars, Zhou Zunshan, president of Taiwan Micro Plastic Medical Association and Taiwan Cross-strait Stem Cells Micro Plastic Medical Association, Dr. Lin Jinde, world-famous expert on mammaplasty, Wang Xin, China’s famous expert on reshaping of the five sense organs, Li Donghua, experts on skin beauty staying in South Korea, Director Liu Ying, expert on noninvasive beauty staying in South Korea, and professor He Xiaohu, world-famous expert on shaping.


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    Address: No.146, Hanzhong Road, Nanjing, China (near the main gate of Nanjing Medical University)
    Subway Line: Take metro line 2 to “Shanghai Road”, leave the station from exit 2 (provincial stomatological hospital), and travel westward for 200m.
    National Toll-free Hotline:400-888-7822 Domestic hotline:025- 
    86677822 International hotline:86-25-86677888

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