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    Strict waste treatment to accord with national standards
        We strictly implement “Environmental Protection Law of the People's Republic of China”, “Law of the People's Republic of China on Prevention and Control of Water Pollution”, “Marine Environment Protection Law of the People's Republic of China”, “Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution” and “Law of the PRC on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases”. The hospital always complies with relevant national standards in the waste water, waste gas and sludge discharged by sewage treatment station, controlled items and their emission limits, treatment processes and disinfection, and adopts effective measures to reduce the discharge of medical waste, safeguard human health and maintain good ecological environment.
    High-efficiency and high-tech electronic management
      The hospital upholds the environmental protection concept of “trying to save resources and improve efficiency”. It has enabled the doctors and patients to communicate with each other smoothly at any time and in any place by introducing a set of advanced electronic management systems such as “MMCall” and “electronic doorbell”. The toilets in the wards are also designed according to the actual needs of the patients. Intelligent sitting Wc pans are mounted which serve the function of automatic heat preservation and water flushing. While meeting the needs of function space of modern medical models, we improve efficiency to the largest extent and strive to provide the doctors and patients with healthy, comfortable and convenient working and medical environment.
    Do not produce waste to better hospital environment
        The hospital realizes “low-carbon medical care” by bettering the hospital environment, improving the appointment making rate on the internet and telephone, and practicing electronic medical record management. It requires that employees can not use the elevator expect for work needs. In this way, the customers visit the hospital can always use the elevator. What is more, energy can be saved.
    Beautify the city by starting with small things
      Vegetation is planted at the hospital gate, outpatient section and office area to beautify the environment and purify the air. Besides, the hospital organizes tree planting activity on a regular basis each year so that the employees can do their bit to urban landscaping and environmental protection. If the employees’ living area is just one station (bus station or metro station) away from the hospital, they are advised to take public vehicles or go on foot rather than drive when travelling between the hospital and their living area , to reduce exhaust emission and protect the environment.
    The environmental problem in the world has become serious. The concept “energy conservation and emission reduction” has attracted extensive social attention. It is not only a catchword in today’s society but also concerns humans’ strategic choice. Therefore, it is very important to raise the awareness of “energy conservation and emission reduction”, make simple changes in our own lifestyles or consumption habits as well as reduce the emission of greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide). “Energy saving and low-carbon life" can help to slow down global warming and environment deterioration and becomes an irresistible trend. It is the duty of every citizen as well as the duty-bound task of the Hospital to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and select “low-carbon” lifestyle.
    Intelligent water conservation and humanized design
    Environmental protection   Low-carbon concept and energy conservation
      Signs which read “Please turn of the off before leaving”, “Cherish earth resources” and “Please close the door and window when the air conditioner is on” are put up in the office area and inpatient area of the hospital. These have been deeply implanted in the mind of every employee. They aim to standardize the behavior of every employ during their work and try to really realize energy saving in practice.
    Strictly forbid smoking to ensure air quality
    Low-carbon hospital
    Smoking is strictly prohibited in all office areas and hospital areas, which can not only reduce emission of carbon dioxide and beautify the environment, but also improve the air quality of the entire hospital.
    Save energy and reduce emission by starting from small details
     The hospital has been always advocating energy saving and low-carbon life. Its indoor temperatures have always been kept not higher than 22°C in the winter and not lower than 27°C in the summer. Consideration is given to energy saving early in the establishment of the clinic used by the hospital. It is bright and ventilated so that lights need to be turned on very often.
    Small slogans, reminder
    At present, large enterprises consume lots of paper every day. Our forest has become smaller and smaller day by day. Therefore, the hospital advocates paperless office and tries to minimize or even avoid the use of paper. If paper must be used, both sides of it should be used during printing. This measure helps us reduce expenditure on office supplies as well as protect the environment indirectly.
    Advocate paperless office to protect the trees
      The hospital is fully equipped with sensor faucet. Water will stop coming out automatically when the hands are a certain distance away from the faucet. Besides, the washing rooms are furnished with “fragrant toilets” which do not need to be flushed with water. In this way, not only water waste will be reduced but also the air can be purified.
    医院地址: 南京市鼓楼区汉中路146号(南京医科大学正门旁)
    公交路线: 9路、13路、18路、中六至莫愁路站下即到;68路、109路、317路至牌楼巷站下向东200米即到;4路至新街口西站下向西500米即到。
    地铁路线: 地铁二号线至上海路站2号出口(省口腔医院)出站向西200米即到;
    医院电话: 全国免费热线:400-888-7822 国内整形美容热线:025-86677822 

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