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    Study Four Books and Five Classics when very young and fall sick from overwork during Hanyang Defending Battle

    With the old name of Zutao, Chen Guofu (1892 – 1951), also called Guofu, was born in Wuxing county, Zhejiang province on October 27th, 1982. His elder generation consists of three persons. His father is Chen Qiye, also called Qinshi. His elder uncle is Chen Qimei, also called Yingshi, who is a very famous revolutionist. His younger uncle is Chen Qicai, also called Aishi, who is one of the earliest cadets in Zhejiang remaining in Japan after graduation.

    Chen Guofu began to learn to read at the age of 5 under the supervision of his mother Mrs. He. He has read “One Thousand Character Primer”, “The Book of Family Names”, “Three Character Classic” and some Tang poems. Under the influence of family education which lays equal stress on poetry and ceremony and finance, Chen Guofu has developed the character of being diligent, rigorous, frugal and polite. He is always a low key and appears very sophisticated. This has helped laid a foundation for him to develop the ability of deal with affairs and manage money maters. In 1907, Chen Guofu was admitted to Zhejiang Land Army Primary School. After graduating from the primary school in 1911, he joined Chinese Revolutionary Alliance according to the recommendation of his elder uncle Chen Qimei. During the Revolution of 1911, he went to Wuhan. He suffered from rupture pulmonary vessel due to overwork during the Hanyang Defending Battle. After that, he joined the Second Revolution and the movement to crusade against Yuan Shih-kai.

    Suffer from lung diseases during middle age and study medical administration

    In 1934, Nanjing Medical University was founded. Chen Guofu who was the chairman of Jiangsu government then acted as the first president of the school. When the War of Resistance Against Japanese broke out, Chen Guofu advocated the war. During the period when he headed the administration in Jiangsu, he actively suggested that defenses be set up in Shanghai to prevent the Japanese invaders from attacking Shanghai. In November 1937, Chen Guofu removed his post as the chairman of Jiangsu government. In 1939, he acted as assistant in the section 3 of the attendants room of Chiang Kai-shek. During his stay at home, he spent much time recuperating his health to cure the lung diseases, allowing him to spare time to read and write.

    During that period, Chen Guofu wrote “An Old Patient’s talk about Chinese and Western Medicine. When staying in Chongqing, he has also successively published a number of books among which there are “Key to Health”, “About Medical Administration” and “Song about Child Health”, which have made some contribution to the health administration and health education and have some influence on combination of Chinese traditional and Western medicine at that time.

    The ten secrets of being healthy as put forward by Chen Guofu, i.e. have sunbath, inhale fresh air, ensure healthy diet, maintain cleanness and tidiness, work diligently, take good rest, stay in suitable environment, think normally, regulate emotions, and advocate abstinence, is very good for health.

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