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        In 1993, Nanjing Medical University was renamed and became the university mainly developed in Jiangsu province. It is a medical college that has designed disciplines in medicine, drug, science, management, law, etc and enjoys a high reputation both at home and abroad. Its library has a total of 940,000 copies of literature and over 7,000 kinds of Chinese and foreign journals. It is the medicine book center of Jiangsu province as well as medical literature center of literature safeguard center of colleges and universities. It has mainly started 11 academic journals among which there are “Journal of Nanjing Medical University” (including natural science edition, English edition and social science edition), “Clinical Dermatology”, “Journal of Clinical Neurology”, and “Jiangsu Medical Journal”.
        The school has 17 colleges and 1 independent college, i.e. Kangda College. It owns 23 affiliated hospitals distributed respectively in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Shandong, etc and more than 50 teaching hospitals. The school now has 1,500 faculty members, including 689 full-time certified teachers, 166 professors, 188 associate professors, 204 doctorial tutors, and 1,137 master tutors (including those from the affiliated hospitals). The school now boasts 1 member of China Engineering Academy, 1 specially-appointed professor of “Changjiang scholar”, 2 members of the national “Thousand Youth Talents Plan Project”, 6 winners of national outstanding youth science fund, 1 nationally outstanding teacher, 5 persons elected in “New Century Talent Supporting Project by education ministry”, 9 “specially-appointed professors of Jiangsu province”, 3 “national teaching teams”, and 1 “innovative team” of education ministry. The school is the training base of “333 Project”, the high-level talent cultivation plan of Jiangsu province.
        The school has 7 doctor’s degree conferring units for the first-level disciplines, 48 doctor’s degree conferring units for the second-level disciplines, 11 master’s degree conferring units for the first-level disciplines, and 73 master’s degree conferring units for the second-level discipline, as well as 6 centers for post-doctoral studies. The degree conferring units have covered 7 disciplines, respectively medicine, science, engineering, management, law, education and literature, and own 3 national key disciplines, 1 discipline mainly developed by the state, 2 first-level disciplines of Jiangsu province, and 3 first-level disciplines of Jiangsu province. Basic medicine, public health and preventive medicine, clinical medicine and oral medicine are preponderant disciplines of colleges and universities in Jiangsu province.
        At present, the school has 1 national key laboratory, 4 ministerial key laboratories and 13 provincial key laboratories (engineering centers). Since the implementation of the Eleventh Five-Year Plan, the school’s Scientific research level has constantly improved and it has undertaken many national “863” and “973” projects. The projects funded by national natural science foundation has constantly made new breakthroughs and the number and impact factors of SCI papers it publishes have increased rapidly. In 2012, our school was awarded 232 national natural science foundation projects, which is a new record.
    Address: No.146, Hanzhong Road, Nanjing, China (near the main gate of Nanjing Medical University)
    Subway Line: Take metro line 2 to “Shanghai Road”, leave the station from exit 2 (provincial stomatological hospital), and travel westward for 200m.
    National Toll-free Hotline:400-888-7822 Domestic hotline:025- 
    86677822 International hotline:86-25-86677888

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