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    Scientific research Teaching Clinical Outcomes

    Rooted in the profound academic and cultural connotation of Nanjing Medical University, Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University has made continuous innovations and breakthroughs in the medical field of plastic surgery, formed an international team, series projects and multiple specialties, as well as realized upgrading of over 150 plastic techniques. Among the key research and development projects of international plastic surgery research institute are more than 617 new technologies including lower facial reconstruction, endoscopy minimally invasive plastic surgery, eye and nose plastic surgery, breast surgery, speedy recovery plastic surgery, autogenous fat living cell and tissue engineering clinical application. The hospital is the cradle of the new technology of international plastic surgery.
      The experts of the hospital have built teaching laboratory and science laboratory as well as established five Scientific research centers reaching the highest international technical standards, i.e. plastic surgery research center, skin beauty research center, non-invasive beauty research center, deep anti-aging beauty research center , and plastic surgery repair research center. Every center has set up 14 special medical centers, namely, center for facial outline, center for mammary anaplasty, center for plastic surgery of eyelid, center for rhinoplasty, center for shaping, center for plastic surgical repair, center for laser skin, center for deep anti-aging, center for non-invasive beauty, center for green and red birthmark removal, center for patch and pigment treatment, center for scar repair, center for acne repair, and center for cosmetic dentistry. The world’s top plastic surgery experts and professors will make diagnosis and give treatment in all the special medical centers.





    The many academic papers by plastic surgery experts from Nanjing Plastic Surgery exert profound international influences

    To date, The hospital has sponsored and hosted many academic conferences including “the First Nanjing International Plastic Surgery Academic Conference”, “the First Cosmetic Medicine Academic Conference for Hong Kong, Macao and the Two Sides of the Strait”, “the First Rhinoplasty Symposium of Jiangsu for 2011”, and “Ministry of Health Plastic Surgery Endoscope and Minimal Invasion Doctor Training Meeting”. The meeting has attracted nearly 10,000 cosmetic beauty experts at home and abroad. Dozens of Scientific research works on plastic have been collected in American SCI “science citation index”. Academic works on plastic published on the international authoritative medical journals “Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” and “Arch Facial Plast Surg”” covers many fields in plastic (reconstructive) surgery and have great international influence in the academic research field of international plastic surgery.





    Papers by experts from Nanjing Cosmetic Surgery

    Papers already published by experts from Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University from 2008 to 2013/List of papers  Click here for details



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