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        Bring beauty through public welfare activities to show love everywhere. For many years, Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University has been devoted to public welfare plastic activities and spared no effort to let more people realize their dream of “being more beautiful”. Till now, the hospital has created “plastic surgery fund” worth over RMB 50,000,000. Since 2007, the hospital has cooperated with the most influential TV media and jointly held large-scale public welfare activities such as “Beautiful Dreamworks”, “Beautiful Seven Days”, “Beautiful Wish”, “Million Female Anchors” and “Dreaming Space”. It has successively beautified more than 3,000 females and helped them create beautiful life.
    Officially launch “supremacy woman’s heart pink ribbon non-profit relief fund”
    The unveiling ceremony of Experts Committee for Therapeutic Endoscopy, PRC and Jiangsu breast surgery clinic teaching and rehabilitation center of plastic surgery endoscope and minimal invasion specialized committee is officially started.
    From 2012 to present: “Dreaming Space” of Jiangsu TV
    In the future, we will continue to adhere to golden service concept, continuously overcome medical difficulties, help more people get the right of “pursing beauty”, as well as strive to provide high-quality medical service that integrates safety, beauty, arts and culture.
    2011: “Million Female Anchors of Nanjing TV and Youku.com

    Try hard to establish the image of “million female anchors” and help the competitors stand out and realize their dream
    2010: “Beautiful Wish” of Nanjing TV
    Create prefect life for numerous office ladies and urban women.
    2010: “Ten thousand people free plastic surgical repair fund” of Yushu Earthquake
    Lend a helping hand to help more than 300 people who became disfigured in the Yushu Earthquake (During Yushu earthquake in 2010, the “ten thousand people free plastic surgical repair fund” was once again started which has played a huge role by helping many disfigured victims. All the hospital members once again spontaneously organized donation, making charity a unique inspiring fashion of the hospital
    2008: “Beautiful seven days” of Nanjing TV
    Create a miraculous column that can realize great improvement in appearance in seven days.
    2008: “Ten thousand people free plastic surgical repair fund” of Wenchuan Earthquake
    Urgently launch “ten thousand people free plastic surgical repair fund” to help the more than 300 victims disfigured during Wenchuan earthquake free of charge (After a 8.0 magnitude earthquake happened to Wenchuan, Siochuan on May 12th 2008, Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University created “ten thousand people free plastic surgical repair fund”, to restore the appearance of the disfigured victims at any time for free, help them rebuild their confidence in life, as well as spontaneously organized donation to send the donation to the victims as quickly as possible).
    2007: “Beautiful Dreamworks” of Nanjing TV and science and education channel

    China’s first “caring charitable fund” for plastic surgery has been created to help more than 1,000 disfigured females to restore their appearance for free.
    Thanks to Huahan, the noseless girl finally gets her nose back after 18 years

       Xu Shouhong is a girl from Sheyang who has been called “noseless monster” from childhood. According to her father, she lost her nose when she was younger than four months. One day, when his father and mother Zou Haiqin had breakfast and were ready to go out for farm work. Suddenly, a heartbreaking cry came from inside the house. Feeling something bad happened, his father rushed into the house, only to find that the face of her in swadding clothes near a rice crock was covered with blood. She was found struggling by keeping stretching her hands and legs. Seeing that, her father quickly gathered up her in his arms and rushed to the people’s hospital in the local county. After more than two hours of rescue, her life was saved but she lost her nose. On knowing that, her father and father became extremely grieved. They could hardly believe that their daughter lost her nose within as short as 10 minutes. Even so, they do not know how their daughter’s nose was lost.
        Without a nose, Xu Shouhong was often laughed at by her peers. Since she was very young, she has known very well that she was different from others. Though she always outshined others in studies, she discontinued her studying after finishing the studies in primary school. Her father knew very well why she dropped out of school. When she told her father that she had decided not to go to school any longer, his father did not say anything. They two faced each other, remaining silent. It was not until several hours later that her father walked towards her and said to her while fondling her head “I will take you to the hospital tomorrow.”
      They visited several hospitals but none agreed to do a rhinoplasty for Xu Shouhong. They all explained that: she was too young and had not been fully developed; if a false nose is mounted, when she grows up, the nose will appear so small that another bigger one needs to be mounted. Hearing what the doctor said, he decided to take her daughter to hospital for a rhinoplasty when she became 18 years old. Her father’s commitment has given her courage which enabled her to live on. When Xu Shouhong became 18 years old, her father took her to Yancheng with all his savings (some 4,000 yuan). They visited a total of 6 hospitals all day long. Five of them indicated that they were not able to do such operation. Only one claimed that: it might be able to do such operation but the operation alone would cost them nearly 100,000 yuan, not to mention other fees; what is more, since the surgical risk could not be predicted, the costs might increase. This was just a lightning bolt to them. Their only hope was shattered. They walked along the long strict aimlessly. To encourage Xu Shouhong, her father firmly grasped her hands and said “Shouhong, I firmly believe we can find a hospital to cure your nose!”. Shu Shouhong has attracted extensive social attention after her predicament was covered by the media. There are several hospitals which tried to know the actual condition of Xu Shouhong but did not do anything. There are also hospitals who suggested they might turn to foreign experts but the fees must be paid up in a lump. The enormous medical fees have once more plunged the Xu family into despair. In August (2009 or 2008), Xu Shouhong’s father learned that International Plastic Surgery Center of Nanjing Medical University would hold an academic conference. Many foreign experts would attend the conference. Knowing that, Xu Shouhong’s father was just
    too impatient to take her daughter to the conference. As luck would have it, at that time International Plastic Surgery Center of Nanjing Medical University was collecting various difficult miscellaneous diseases of plastic via media. Some hospitals related Xu Shouhong’s sufferings to the organizing committee.
        On the day of the conference, i.e. August 15, Xu Shouhong and her father was invited to the conference for diagnosis. After diagnosis, experts at home and abroad told them that “We can cure it and will cure it for free”. That night, Xu Shouhong’s father tossed and turned on the sickbed of International Plastic Surgery Center of Nanjing Medical University and did not have a wink of sleep. However, his daughter beside him had a very sound him, may the most sound one among all over her past 18 years.
    Wu Qian attempts to sell her kidney to have a cosmetic surgery due to unpleasant job searching experience

        In 2010, Wu Qian graduated from a medical university at the age of 25. Wu Qian was not good-looking. She has been laughed at by her classmates since very young. What is more, she had very painful job searching experience after her graduation. She thought that this must have to do with her appearance. So she came to Nanjing, wishing to make herself more pretty by having a plastic surgery. However, she was from a poor family and could not afford the high expenses needed by the surgery. So she decided to sell her kidney.
       On hearing that, doctors from Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University were astonished. The doctor who received Wu Qian said: “This is unbelievable. That is too crazy. Selling kidney is forbidden in our country.”     Wu Qian has attracted extensive attention after her experience was covered by the media. Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University decides to do a cosmetic surgery on her for free after observing her psychology. On the morning of November 15th, the hospital had world-famous plastic expert perform plastic surgeries on Wu Qian including cheekbone inward surgery, long curve mandibular angle ostectomy and comprehensive rhinoplasty. In order that more net friends concerned about Wu Qian can witness her surgery scene the hospital even broadcast it live on the internet. Thanks to the effort of the doctors from Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, Wu Qian became more pretty after the surgeries. She not only became more confident but also joined the mass election for the “Million Female Anchors” of Nanjing TV.   



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