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    Golden service for VIP

    Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University has been well received by foreign and domestic customers for its superb technology. It has designed particular passages for VIP and sent airport pick-up team composed of its security department and customer service department to provide VIP with high-quality service. The hospital will send the customers it picks up to its VIP room.
      When the customers are enjoying top service in the lounge before having operation, the hospital will have the top plastic surgery experts from China and South Korea diagnose them, to customize operation plans that are most suitable for them.
     The hospital enables the customers to suddenly become more beautiful in comfortable, relaxing and safe environment through high-tech precision instruments and professional technology.
    The customers can also enjoy professional and warm service provided by the world’s top nursing rehabilitation team.










    In January 2013, the hospital successfully passed US JCI certification and became the first world-class plastic surgery hospital in Chinese mainland that is certified by JCI. As it becomes the only plastic surgery hospital that is certified by JCI, it has improved remarkably in comprehensive strength and international awareness. Till now, it has received super stars and celebrities from 28 counties and regions.
     The hospital has, according to actual needs, launched “female celebrity card” service item. Such luxury annual card which integrates many personalized and all-round items such as plastic surgery, non-invasive beauty, skin beauty, plastic repair, life cosmetology and beauty information. Its real value is immeasurable.
      The “beautiful housekeeper” specially furnished and 24-hour hotline service help to provide the members with personalized and all-round warm services at any time. Besides, the hospital furnishes its members with top-level VIP diamond channel through which they can directly enjoy the most luxurious plastic surgery service in the world.


    Address: No.146, Hanzhong Road, Nanjing, China (near the main gate of Nanjing Medical University)
    Subway Line: Take metro line 2 to “Shanghai Road”, leave the station from exit 2 (provincial stomatological hospital), and travel westward for 200m.
    National Toll-free Hotline:400-888-7822 Domestic hotline:025- 
    86677822 International hotline:86-25-86677888

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