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    In 1934,Nanjing Medical University, the former “Liyizheng College of Jiangsu Province”, was established in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu province. It is one of the earliest institutions of higher education in China that engaged in postgraduate education.
        In 1938, Liyizheng College of Jiangsu Province was relocated to Yuanling, Hunan province due to the anti-Japanese war. It was merged with Nantong Medicine College and renamed “State-run Jiangsu Medical College”.
        In August 1942, the parasite division set up professor Hong Shilv, founder of China’s human parasitology, began to recruit graduate students. This indicates the school became the earliest institution of higher education in China that recruits graduate students. During this period, due to the anti-Japanese war, the school was relocated for several times, respectively to Yuanling in Hunan province, Guiyang in Guizhou province and Beibei in Sichuan province. Thanks to the joint effort of a group of patriotic intellectuals, it has adhered to school running and fostered 1,463 postgraduates, graduates, junior college students and general advanced students for the country.

    In 1957, State-run Medical College was relocated to Nanjing and then renamed Nanjing Medical University. The person acting as the chairman of the school is profession Yan Shoumin, the famous founder of modern pediatrics in our country. He is well-known in the south in the modern and contemporary medical history of China, enjoying equal popularity with professor Zhu Futang in the north. Under the leadership of professor He Shoumin, the school has established perfect modern medicine education system and boasts a group of masters and famous persons that have great influence in the medical field at home and abroad. Besides, it has made great progress in teaching, Scientific research and medical care. It has become one of the top medical institutions in South China as well as one of the country’s key medical schools.

    In 1981, Nanjing Medical University was approved by the State Council as the country’s first group of doctor’s degree and master’s degree conferring units. With the development of reform and opening, the exchange between Nanjing Medical University and the outside world has become more and more frequent. Till the 90s, Nanjing Medical University has conducted Scientific research cooperation and academic exchange with universities, medical colleges and Scientific research institutions in countries and regions such as US, Japan, Canada, Australia, Sweden, France and Hong Kong as well as engaged 5 world-famous scholars as visiting professors. Over the past decade, it has received over 250 groups of foreign guests (more than 1,000 persons) who had come for temporary visit, lecture or academic exchange, selected over 120 teachers to study abroad, as well as sent over 100 persons outside for lecture, investigation, visit and academic conference.

    Address: No.146, Hanzhong Road, Nanjing, China (near the main gate of Nanjing Medical University)
    Subway Line: Take metro line 2 to “Shanghai Road”, leave the station from exit 2 (provincial stomatological hospital), and travel westward for 200m.
    National Toll-free Hotline:400-888-7822 Domestic hotline:025- 
    86677822 International hotline:86-25-86677888

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