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    China’s first plastic surgery hospital certified by JCI
    In January 2013, after two years of full preparation and unremitting endeavor, Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University passed the strict evaluation of the expert group of JCI, global authoritative hospital quality evaluation system, as well as successfully became China’s first plastic surgery medical institution that passed international JCI certification.
        During the three-day rigorous assessment, the two

    reviewers from US JCI Nathan and Marie spoke highly of its almost perfect performance: “The hospital really understands the core meanings of 1,300 details in JCI certification. The accuracy of their formulation and the effectiveness of their implementation are just rare. It proves itself to be the tertiary plastic surgery hospital of highest-grade in China. You are the first plastic surgery medical institution in China that has reached international standard. You are doing great!”

      For details, please click /2013zt/JCI/
     No. 1 brand of China’s plastic surgery industry

     JCI is the abbreviation of Joint Commission International. It is a subsidiary body used by Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) to certify medical institutions outside US, as well as the most authoritative hospital quality authentication institution in the world. JCI standard is internationally recognized medical service standard which covers 368 standards (including 200 core standards and 168 non-core standards). Every standard has several elements, 1,300 items in total. It represents the world’s highest level of hospital service and hospital management.
        Therefore, hospitals from all parts of the country have made continuous effort to be certified by JCI. However, there are only a few, to be exact, 22 out of around 20,000, hospitals in our country that have been certified by JCI. Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University is the only plastic surgery hospital in Chinese mainland that has been certified by JCI.
     Unlike traditional hospitals which are certified by JCI, Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University is not only the only plastic surgery hospital, but also a tertiary affiliated hospital that became certified by JCI after Shanghai Children's Medical Center (SCMC) affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital affiliated to Zhejiang University, and Huashang Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Fudan University. To some extent, JCI certification indicates that the hospital has not only become China’s model of plastic surgery hospital, but also established its status as China’s No. 1 brand in plastic surgery industry and became China’s only international plastic surgery brand that steps into international arena and wins the leading position.


    Enjoy world-class plastic surgery service without going abroad

       As the internationally recognized medical service standard, JCI represents the world’s highest level of hospital service and hospital management. Therefore, JCI certification is very strict. Many JCI standards can not be found in domestic hospital grading and very strict requirements are put forward for many links including technology, equipment, medical service and medical safety.
        The academic research on 617 items with the 14 most important special medical centers as the core of Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University, i.e. the center for facial outline, center for mammary anaplasty, center for plastic surgery of eyelid, center for rhinoplasty, center for shaping, center for plastic surgical repair, center for laser skin, center for deep anti-aging, center for non-invasive beauty, center for green and red birthmark removal, center for patch and pigment treatment, center for scar repair, center for acne repair, and center for cosmetic dentistry, has influenced international plastic and aesthetic surgery. Besides it has first integrated maxillofacial plastic surgery (face re-contouring), mammary anaplasty, rhinoplasty and plastic surgery of eyelid, etc in anatomy, modern aesthetic plastic and micro-cosmetology in the world’s field of plastic surgery, which has promoted the birth of the most advanced “speedy recovery plastic surgery technology” today and created “micro plastic beauty” in a real sense. Besides, it has swept across the world due to its unique characteristics such as safety, convenience and minimal invasion. So far, none of the tens of thousands of clinical cases fails. It has reached the top level in the world and been highly praised by the very demanding JCI expert group.

    Therefore, Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University is the only hospital in China where customers can enjoy the best plastic surgery service without going abroad


    Customer-centered medical safety assurance

       The purpose of JCI certification is to propose management standards to hospitals and medical personnel in the interest of customers. Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University has, to the largest extent, reflected the purpose of “customer-centered” of medical service.
        The doctors will first make pain assessment of the customers visiting Friendship Plastic Surgery Hospital Affiliated to Nanjing Medical University. This can never be found in other traditional hospitals. Besides, according to JCI standards, the hospital has broken the tradition and developed a set of advanced pain management concepts, including perfect pain assessment system, multimodal analgesia, personalized analgesia and other new methods, so that the patients can safely and comfortably spend the operation and recovery phase.

    When providing service to beautify the customers, the hospital also shows enough respect and humanistic care for customers and considers it important to protect the privacy of the customers. All medical care personnel or other personnel such as security guards and cleaners should receive training on protection of customers’ privacy. Medical care personnel should consider protecting the privacy of the customers in every treatment details as well as continuously improve the quality and level of medical treatment service according to relevant provisions of JCI, to enable customers to enjoy courteous, comfortable, effective and convenient plastic surgery service.

    Address: No.146, Hanzhong Road, Nanjing, China (near the main gate of Nanjing Medical University)
    Subway Line: Take metro line 2 to “Shanghai Road”, leave the station from exit 2 (provincial stomatological hospital), and travel westward for 200m.
    National Toll-free Hotline:400-888-7822 Domestic hotline:025- 
    86677822 International hotline:86-25-86677888

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